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ProCollabs is an online music collaboration service that gives you access to experienced and talented songwriters, musicians, audio engineers, and music producers from all around the world. It's a place to unite, socialize, and collaborate in the writing and production of original music, all from the comfort of your own home studio.

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It all starts with an idea

Start or join a collaboration project

Whether it's a guitar riff, drum loop, a vocal a cappella or lyrics - just start your own music collaboration project and upload your idea. Then, wait for others to join in, or send invites to other members. You can also jump in on any other open project by uploading your idea as an audition.

Here's what you can expect as a ProCollabs member
  • Opportunities to co-write and produce music in all genres and styles
  • A like-minded community bubbling with experience and talent
  • Privacy options and flexibilty in managing your collaboration projects
  • A safe and private environment to share and exchange ideas
  • Transparency in song ownership and production credits
  • A secure, reliable, and feature filled platform for online music collaboration

Write and record your music

Collaborate with other writers and musicians

All you need is a passion for music, some basic recording equipment, and a willingness to interact and learn.

You'll collaborate with others to write the lyrics and music, then record and upload your individual performance to the project area.

Some essentials you'll need:
  • PC or Mac computer with a good quality audio interface
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) recording software
  • Studio monitors or a good pair of headphones
  •   Microphone (if recording vocals or acoustic audio)
  • A recording room or quiet space

Mix and produce your song

Mix, master, and polish your songs to perfection!

Once a song has taken shape and all collaborators have uploaded and fined tuned their contributions, it's time to mix! And if that ain't your specialty, no worries, you'll find many talented audio engineers on ProCollabs who'll be more than happy to participate.

Completing your collaboration project on ProCollabs
  • Collaborator agreement and final sign off
  • Song datasheets for track information and collaborator splits
  •   Option to protect your songs with audio watermarking
  •   Publish to the ProCollabs Music Library and pursue commercial interest
  • Or, allow pre-approved uses with a Creative Commons license

Publish, license and sell your work

Free to Use Anywhere

Once your song is completed, you and your collaborators are free to sell your song, give it away, or shop it around to music publishers and licensors.


Retain 100% Ownership

Songwriting and sound recording copyrights remain wholly owned by collaborators.

Platform Features

Members have access to a number of cool features on the site. We've listed some of the main ones below.

Collaboration Project Management

For 100% control over your projects. Upload tracks, review auditions, discuss changes, and much more..

Collaborator Splitsheets

Clearly set out and agree copyright shares for your song's composition and sound recording.

Work for Hire

Hire one of our many talented artists to perform and record on your project using the work-for-hire feature.

Digital Audio Protection

Protect your published collaborations with audio watermarking or assign a pre-approved creative commons license.

Member Forum

Members can share thoughts, ideas, or help others by posting to the community forum.

Live Chat

Members can socialize and discuss topics of interest using the real-time instant messenger feature.

Personalized Profiles

Get creative by pimpin' your profile and really stand out from the crowd. Link your music websites and social media. Make yourself at home!

Media Library

A treasure trove of shared ideas, original audio, and even cover art for use in your projects. Made by our members, for our members.

iBand Profile

Work regularly with other artists? Consider yourselves to be an internet band? Then give yourselves a unique group identity and setup an iBand.

Mentor Support

Service with a smile, and quickly too! Need help? No problem, there's always a mentor around to answer any questions and help you get started.

Session Artists

Earn money as an artist, musician, engineer or producer by selling your unique musical skills and talents to project owners and songwriters.

4 reasons why ProCollabs is different

Join a growing community of seasoned songwriters and musicians

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still got questions? Let's see if we can't answer some of them here.

Does ProCollabs support real-time collaborations?

In a word, no. The idea of being able to jam and write tunes in real-time (live) whilst collaborators are located in two different locations is technically challenging and practical only over short distances due to lag/delay being introduced in any two-way audio stream (not to mention reliability - "hello.. can you hear me?!"). On ProCollabs, your collaborators may be located in different countries and therefore will be waking, working, eating, writing, recording, and sleeping at different times of the day. ProCollabs allows members to upload and manage their work in a collaborative project environment where others can later upload and download tracks and work on them at their own convenience, at any time of the day or night. We do, however, offer a live video chat feature for those who want to chat face-to-face and share musical ideas.

Are loops allowed?

Sure, why not? ProCollabs is genre-less, so as long as you are the author or have the necessary permission (e.g. license) to upload and use the loops/samples then certainly the answer is yes.

Can I just upload and promote my own music?

The purpose of ProCollabs is to provide an effective platform for joint work collaborations. Music that gets published in the Music Library should be the result of the collaboration. So if you're looking to just upload and promote your own 'completed' songs then ProCollabs is probably not the best place to be.

I registered but nothing happened. What's up?

You should be receiving confirmation emails at each step of the registration process when signing up for an account. First, check your spam folder. Email clients often mistake legitimate emails for spam. If this is the issue, be sure to mark our emails as not being spam and add our email address to your contacts. If you still didn't find our email, there is a slim chance that they are getting lost in cyberspace due to the way some anti-spam systems are configured. In these cases, please send us an email directly via our support email and we will try to resolve the issue directly with you.

Can anyone in any country join?

Absolutely! ProCollabs is border-less. In fact, our platform is designed so that songwriters and musicians from all around the world can work together and collaborate no matter what the time of day or night.

I registered but I can't log in. What's up?

Once you have completed the registration process you should receive a couple of emails informing you about how things work. Check your spam if you haven't got any emails so far. The ProCollabs Team has to manually verify every new member application. That means listening to your music and reviewing the bio you provided on registration. This process can take a little time, but we try to complete it within 24 hours. Once your account has been verified, you should receive an email telling you what to do next. In the email, you will have a temporary password which you can use to sign in for the first time. If it's been longer than 24 hours already, feel free to contact us so that we can follow up.

Our Pricing

Flexible, affordable, customizable yearly membership plans for all levels and musical needs.


Per Year
Free Membership

Awesome for amateurs, and songwriters who will be hiring musicians to record their demos.

  • 1 GB free space
  • 2 concurrent projects
  • Free annual subscription
  • Hire musicians
  • Music collaboration tools
  • Publish your music
  • Collaborate with others
  • Unlimited projects*
  • Upload mp3 audio
  • Customize your profile
  • Access to forums
  • Digital copyright evidence
  • Pay-as-you-go add-ons

Per Year - $1.70/month
Silver Membership

Sensible for session artists, mix engineers, and collaborators who will contribute to member projects.

  • Same as Free, plus -
  • 5 GB free space
  • 4 concurrent projects
  • Account verification
  • Sell your music
  • Personal privacy options
  • Social media links
  • Start or join an iBand
  • Community Media Library
  • Upload pro-quality audio
  • 50% add-on discount
  • Free business promo*
  • Free licensing opps

Per Year - $4.20/month
Gold Membership

Perfect for producers, singer/songwriters and musicians who will be producing their own music.

  • Same as Silver, plus -
  • 10 GB free space
  • 15 concurrent projects
  • Project privacy add-on
  • Custom icon add-on

Per Year - $7.90/month
Platinum Membership

Solid for studios, professionals, and for those musicians who don't like keeping count!

  • Same as Gold, plus -
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited projects
  • Project archive add-on
  • All new site features and add-ons included for free

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