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  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Amery Rey Tuesta
  • Arrangement
  • Drum Programming
  • Drums (acoustic)
  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Lead Guitar
  • Lyrics
  • Mastering
  • Melody Writer
  • Mixing
  • Music Composition
  • Piano
  • Production
  • Recorder
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Synthesizer


With many years in the music branch as musician, guitarist, singer/songwriter, mixing and mastering and music producer may I say I come pretty far. First with the label Ostereo, four tracks, two originals and two covers. This is Amery Rey Tuesta playlist created by Spotify was the second one and the third one the verified mark of Youtube Music.

With not intention of wanted to sound impressive for you I have on my shoulders 222 produced songs from scratch to the final product. In the workflow my hands are all over the place. Chord progressions, harmonization, arrangement, recording, performing, sounds and drumbeat design, editing, mixing, mastering, melody creation, singing, lyrics writing and even the cover design of each album was made by me. I do music videos too.

Impressive right? Well. I want to be the best and I know what it takes to get so. Hard-working and very involved in the activity of making music and quality is always my ultimate goal and drive.

Tell me how can I help you, tell me about your musical ideas, tell me your inner reasons why you want to make music. What is the massage you want to give through your music. Tell my style, tell me everything so I can help you the way you want.

Every sound, from the wave of sounds of a song, has a purpose and reason to be there.

In the digital spectrum I count accidents as particles of this non tangible phenomenal what is only created inside technological gadgets to get in touch with it and use it to bring magic into music creation, music production. Sound engineering.

Favorite Genres

  • Acoustic
  • Alternative
  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • Dance
  • Easy Listening
  • Electronica
  • Experimental
  • Funk
  • Fusion
  • Grunge
  • Hard Rock
  • House
  • Indie
  • Instrumental
  • Lounge
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Ska
  • Soft Rock
  • Soul

Recording Setup

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor API Vision Channel Strip Precision K-Stereo Precision Limiter Eleven rack Teletronix Apollo 4-710d preamp and more...

Session Work

Average price - $1000 per song

Full instrumental production
Average price - $500 per song

Post Mixing
Average price - $300 per minute

Post Editing
Average price - $300 per track

Beat Maker
Average price - $300 per song

Songwriter - Music
Average price - $300 per song

Electric Guitar
Average price - $300 per song

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