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Songwriter: Can produce lyrics with melodies (sans great vocals and instruments). I typically freestyle all of my songs within 10-20 minutes. My process is a bit different now. I used to be a lyricist only for 16 years. Then 8 years ago, melodies began flowing then freestyle lyrics came with the melody and an entire song would be done, with touch ups in about 20 minutes. However, I don't play an instrument to bring these songs to life.

With my previous Lyricist experience, I already have the ability to collab and emulate an emotion, story, or message.... Now, I think there is something more to bring to the table. I love to be challenged with most genres. My own head melodies and songs tend to lean country because of my own limited vocal ability, possibly, and I sit in a more comfortable pocket there.

I'm ready to get my stuff heard, collabs, working with different genres, networking, and sharing my work with serious inquiries....because my voice really does suck and I have not had anyone sing it....but it's all for the love of music that courses thru our veins!

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