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Happy 1st Year On ProCollabs



Translating your idea to reach the listener in a way you intend.

I am an educated Event-Technician specialized in Live-Mixing, Recording and Music-Postproduction.

As a guitar player, drummer and experienced Mixing-Engineer I´m glad to offer you the ability to:

- listen as a general fan of music in a technical and musical way
- make quick and intuitive decisions as well as precise and technical operations
- focus on YOUR idea of how your music should sound like

My specializations are:

- Vocal-Processing for Hip Hop and Singer-Songwriter kind of music
- mixing instrumental Beats to stand for them selfs as well as in preparation to add vocals later
- achiving rich and full sounding music with a low number of instruments/tracks

+ + + So let´s get creative and produce some awesome stuff + + +

Session Work

For Mixing I´ll take about $150 per Song depending on the amount of effort.

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