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Here's another one, but this is really just for a bit of fun.

It's exactly what it says: Weird Sounds and it's not about collaboration so you can all join in :-)

All you have to do is create a sound that is strange, odd, freaky, insane, downright weird and post a clip into a project ~(just title it something weird) - let's make the clips no longer 10 seconds - we're not writing a song/track,  just making sounds.

Use your imagination and see what you can come up with, the weirder the better. Multiple efforts are welcomed but let's have a max of 5 per person.

Don't say what it is and let's see if anyone can guess.

If we get enough, we could extend the challenge to see how many we can get into a single track :-)

Deadline is 1st May, and $10 ProCollabs credit and badges are up for grabs as well.

I'll post a link to the clips here once we get some going.

#4114 Posted Mon 30 Mar, 2020 6:08 am
Super cool challenge, joined!
#4131 Posted Tue 21 Apr, 2020 2:29 pm
Super cool challenge, joined!

Originally posted by TomdeGroot on Tue 21 Apr, 2020

Brilliant, well done Tom, they all sound completely weird. Thanks for getting us up and running :-)

#4132 Posted Tue 21 Apr, 2020 3:34 pm
Getting close to the end of this challenge, anyone else fancy joining in before the May 1st Deadline?

Could be a bit of fun if you have some spare time on your hands :-)
#4133 Posted Wed 29 Apr, 2020 5:23 am
The deadline has now been reached so the Challenge is now closed.

Thanks to Tom for joining in, your sounds were definitely weird and pretty cool - ProCollabs Credit and Badge to follow soon :-)
#4135 Posted Fri 01 May, 2020 4:12 am

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