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I've had it. Yesterday I wanted to learn a programming language called Julia. So I went to the website. I went to the part for downloading the language and some tools.  Then a huge box appeared in the middle of my screen. It said "fill out your profile". I tried to close it. I couldn't. I tried to go back to the previous website zone. I couldn't. This box was adamant that I needed a profile. So I said "piss off" and closed the website altogether. Bye Bye Julia. I wanted to learn you. 

That's typical on the internet. In fact it's typical of computing technology in general. Whether it's Windows 10 forcing people to "upgrade" by committing fraud. Or so much malware in ads that  if you don't use an ad blocker you are nuts. Or Apple's closed ecosystem. Or the Linux Foundation being sponsored by Microsoft. Or Google tracking your LOCATION data??? Holy Jesus Christ! Haven't they seen the statistics on many women are tracked down and murdered by their exs each week? 

It's hell on earth. I feel like there's nothing left for me in computer technology. Right now I run Windows 7. I have no idea what I will do in 2020. What will happen to my DAWs and music plug ins? I do not know. All I know is that Windows 10, one of the most evil pieces of malware, will feature no part of my life. It's not an operating system; Windows 10 is a spying, advertsing billboard. 

I am cynical. Every day is another lie by a company to sell your data. I jumped for joy when Google abandoned Picasa. Because Picasa as abandoneware is greatly improved! No longer can Google sync to your photos and do ANYTHING with them! By the way That's why I gave up Facebook in 2010; it's TOS allow Facebook to do ANYTHING with your photos and pictures. Put your mugshot on Times Square! Use you as an ad for Nazi sooper cigarettes! Turn your face into a toilet brush commercial! And all without even telling you. Well, if you excuse my French, kucf that. 

I have never been so depressed to be a computer user. I can only see it getting worse. The bone headed greed and the data mined zeal to take all control away from the user will only continue. I don't know if there is any future for me being able to create music in all this nonsense. I want to scream. I want to find the dingbats who are doing all this. I want the end. I want out. I just don't know where "out" will be. Linux? Raspberry Pi? React OS? Or just walk away and become a Trappist monk. 

#3532 Posted Fri 17 Aug, 2018 8:23 am

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