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I can come up with a melody on the spot, but words just get in the way. Seriously, it takes me days and sometimes weeks to get anywhere and then I'm still not satisfied with the results. Worst still, just when I think I only have a little ways to go, the last 10% (fine tuning) ends up taking 90% of my time and effort. Many days, I just want to throw in the towel and choose a different hobby.
#699 Posted Sat 05 Sep, 2015 9:36 pm
That said, I want to try and improve my writing skills. So, I've started checking out a site like ProCollabs, but for poets and lyricists. Not that I want to discourage anyone from spending every waking hour here, but if lyrics are an obstacle or you're looking to sharpen your chops to a razors's edge, be sure to check out
#700 Posted Sat 05 Sep, 2015 9:46 pm
I was recently talking to Lee about a similar topic, so thank you so much for sharing, Ryan. :)

What a great site, I only browsed a few pages but from what I've read - there are some very talented writers there. Quick question, can anyone use the lyrics? I mean, is it a Creative Commons sort of thing, where we can just give them credit if we use their lyrics? I'll certainly sign up when I have some free time.

To be honest, I would have never known that you struggle with lyrics. You are one of the best lyricists that I know, and I mean that. Your songs are so meaningful & relatable, making it seem like writing them was a breeze for you and comes naturally - almost like breathing. I know you know this already - but 'When You Love Someone' is one of my favorite songs, ever.

For me, if I am inspired by a music track, lyrics come fairly easy. Kind of weird actually, as I don't get inspired too often - but when I do, the lyrics kind of write themselves. It's a whole emotional experience that pretty much leaves me drained afterwards.

However, if someone asks me to write lyrics on the spur of the moment, I am, errr, ummm, duh. I don't have that ability to just write at will. I will sit there, staring at a blank page (as the crickets sing in the background). It takes me ages to write if I am not inspired.

I can write a parody in 5 minutes, but anything serious, fuggedaboutit. :/
#701 Posted Sat 05 Sep, 2015 10:23 pm
Sometimes all that is needed is to have a few people critique the lyrics and rhyming structure, and say what they feel is not clear or could be better said. That would also avoid any copyright issue. I once attended a song writing seminar where everyone did just that to each other's songs [written for the seminar]. After making changes to the lines that people thought could use work, I ended up re-writing them and getting some of the best lines in the song.
#702 Posted Sun 06 Sep, 2015 1:01 am
All the writings on PoetrySoup are “All Rights Reserved.” So, you would need the permission of the author. You’d also have to come to an agreement regarding profit sharing and any royalties… Fortunately, writers seem to relish the opportunity of hearing their words put to music - especially by a talented vocalist. I’m sure they would bend over backward for you Dani. Of course, you are a talented writer in your own right. “Father” is one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

Regarding inspiration, I wish that’s all that was necessary for me. Sadly, it’s hard to execute at a high level all the time. Every exercise is not going to be a success - at least not for me. Even the best of writers can be very inconsistent. Why not choose from top grade material if it’s available? I remember being shocked when I learned Alison Krauss doesn’t write most of her own songs. Now I understand. There’s something to be said for doing everything in-house, but why limit your options? Why not collaborate with other specialists and develop meaningful relationships that can pay dividends for years to come?
#703 Posted Sun 06 Sep, 2015 3:06 am
Great post HR! Constructive criticism is a wonderful tool. That said, sometimes I need a whole new perspective which requires seeing the world through someone else's eyes.
#704 Posted Sun 06 Sep, 2015 3:13 am
I wonder how less important lyrics may have become in the modern age, some of the stuff from the American song book was so wonderful a palette for a vocalist to draw from. It seems a catchy phrase like an ad slogan is all that is needed now days, that said as a singer it is the quality of the lyrics and story that will drive me on to a better performance.
#705 Posted Sun 06 Sep, 2015 6:34 am
Oh for sure, lyrics don't seem to matter much these days - not like they used to. They certainly matter to me and a lot of us Indie artists, but as far as the pop-culture goes, most lyrics are pretty lame-o.
#706 Posted Sun 06 Sep, 2015 2:23 pm
Great post HR! Constructive criticism is a wonderful tool. That said, sometimes I need a whole new perspective which requires seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

Originally posted by Roo on Sun 06 Sep, 2015

A "whole new perspective" is exactly what I got from everyone's criticisms, as they let me see that people were differently comprehending the lyrics and just how that was. So in a round about way, I got to understand what better words I might use without having to have anyone supply them.

For what it's worth here's a link to the specific song they critiqued.
#707 Posted Mon 07 Sep, 2015 4:24 am
A great website that I have used for a while is Some very talented lyricists can be found there and will critique lyrics.

If you ever get stuck on lyrics, send me a pm...I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. My biggest problem is that I cannot come up with a decent melody to save my life!
#708 Posted Tue 08 Sep, 2015 9:55 am
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