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Hi all,

I have several projects that are nearing completion and that I will release as an album (yes, I'm old fashioned and I still listen to albums ;) ).   I've spent quite some time on mixing and I looking for an experienced mixer that can give me some feedback on the quality.

I'm brand new to mixing.  I purchased one course on EQ from ProducerTech, everything else was learned from Youtube videos or just experimenting.  I'm using Cubase Artist.

I'm not looking for other mixes, the way the songs are arranged now is how I want them to be.  But I'm looking for comments on the EQ, compression, balances, beginner mistakes, etc... and general feedback on what is well done in the mix, and what could be better.

Here are the projects - final mix is in the featured track :

I don't expect anybody to listen to all of them, picking one is good enough !

Thanks in advance !


#4272 Posted Wed 15 Jul, 2020 1:57 pm
Project 2025: I'm reminded of Mark Knopfler. The end was a bit jumpy but the mix is quite good. It sounds like a bit of EQ and a light compressor on the final mix (or just tweak some of the mid-highs a little bit) and some L/R panning would have you set up nicely. Picture your instruments on a stage and pan until it sounds like that's where you hear them from. Or start in the middle and pick sides to pan outward. For example, the bass and mandolin would do nicely on the same side since their EQ response is is different registers, you won't have one drowning out the other. I couldn't tell if you double-tracked the acoustic guitar but it sounds SUPERB, just very centered. Maybe copy the track and add 0:002 time offset, or re-record a second track as close to the original as you can (my favorite way) and then pan them apart by at least 20% each way. It's amazing how stereo width adds that last "Ooommph" to a good mix.
#4398 Posted Tue 12 Jan, 2021 8:34 pm
My request was from July, in the meantime I released the album, it can be found here : .

Thanks for the tip for the acoustic guitar ! I recorded the acoustic guitar (a Taylor) in stereo using two Oktavia mics, and I agree there is too much in the middle.
#4400 Posted Sat 23 Jan, 2021 10:50 am

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