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Hi, my name is Manuel. I produce music for a long time ago. My style is a mix of acoustic and electronic sound. A mixture of sample and instrument played. I really like analog synths and analog sounds in general. I have been working in my recording studio based in France for 10 years. I mostly work for other artists but I have been starting to compose again for a few months. And it feels good! I started a 90s style hip hop music project. I am looking for a drummer in this style. A fairly simple rhythm but which is alive. I'm looking for someone who can register and send me the separate drum tracks. I'm looking for a rather thick organic sound. Snare, bass drum, hi-hat (and maybe a ride cymbal). Nothing more. A mono overhead microphone (a rubban microphone sound would be the best), a snare microphone, a kick microphone and a room. I would like a small room sound. 4 tracks only ... My composition is not yet edited, so I'm looking for nice drum loops that I will edit later. I can send you the song (I made a version with a drum loop, I like the sound and the style of this loop); if this project tempts you, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you! Manu
#4647 Posted Sat 13 Nov, 2021 4:37 am

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