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  • Acoustic Bass
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Arrangement
  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Mixing
  • Music Composition
  • Vocals (male)


Hey everyone on ProCollabs!

What's up? I'm Yoann – a sonic adventurer, riff enthusiast, and a die-hard fan of everything loud, proud, and capable of shaking the ground beneath your feet. My heart beats to the rhythms of punk rock, metal, and hard rock. Basically, if it's got raw energy and can stir the soul, I'm all over it.

My journey into music? It's been epic, intense, and everything in between. From the first buzz of the amp to the last ring of a chord in an empty room, I've been hooked on the magic that is music creation. There's something about crafting a sound that can express what words alone cannot that just lights a fire in me.

So, why am I here on ProCollabs? Simple – to find my tribe. I'm on the hunt for creatives who get that music is more than notes and lyrics; it's about expression, rebellion, and sometimes, just about creating something so cool that it can't be ignored. I'm looking to link up with musicians, producers, and sonic visionaries who want to push limits, break molds, and maybe, just maybe, change the world a note at a time.

I bring to the table an undying love for all things punk, metal, and hard rock, a knack for blending sounds that traditionally shouldn't go together but somehow work, and a belief that the best music comes from collaboration. If you're into creating tracks that make people stop and listen, that tell a story, or that simply kick ass, then I think we might get along.

Let's connect, create something unforgettable, and maybe cause a little trouble (the good kind) along the way. If you're ready to mix things up and see where our collective creativity can take us, hit me up on ProCollabs. Let's make some waves together!

Catch you on the flip side,

Favorite Genres

  • Acoustic
  • Hard Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Soft Rock

Recording Setup

I sold a good part of my equipment unfortunately, but I still have my AudioBox USB and my Ibanez guitar with James Hetfield pickup

Contact Information

Whatsapp : +33755608677

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