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  • Arrangement
  • Drum Programming
  • Mixing
  • Percussion
  • Vocals (male)


Vocalist, Musician, started learning sax around 1990, later went on to singing, my main musical activity these days, and a bit of percussion. As the band nerd I've always been in charge of the tech and production. Pure hobbyist!

Favorite Genres

  • Alternative
  • Electronica
  • Folk
  • Soul
  • World

Recording Setup

Linux user for 20 years plus, have been using it for recording and production for a long time. Have a couple of mics, here I'd use a large diaphragm condenser mic (Octava MK-319) and a Motu M2 USB audio interface.

As a DAW I'm using Non DAW or Ardour.

If it comes to that my drum sequencer is Hydrogene which I play with a Korg 16 dynamic "finger-pad" array via MIDI and/or tweak/program manually.

I sometimes mess with an assortment of percussion - an ashiko, a frame drum, cajon, sanza, udu drum. Though the fun I have with that far exceeds the fun you'd likely have listening to that :-) Same is true for my vintage tenor sax. Finally another fun toy I could add to this list is my 5 channel Boss loop station with which I like to add bad beat boxing to my list of mediocre rhythmic endeavours.

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