Since 25 February, 2015
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Victor Bonato
New Jersey
United States

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Collaborator Summary

V1CTOR is currently active in 12 projects and has 20 published songs.

V1CTOR has multiple project credits, including
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Producer
  • Arrangement
  • Composition
  • Lyrics
  • Keyboards/Synth
  • Cover Artist
  • Backing Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Coins, Eye Glass case, tupperware
  • and Cover Photography


  • Arrangement
  • Electric Bass
  • Music Composition


Listen to everything under the sun and arm yourself with every tool possible
Listen to very little and use your own thoughts.
The later is me, barely influenced and being as pure as possible. There probably isn't a right way. But this is my way.

Favorite Genres

  • Alternative
  • Experimental
  • Goth
  • Grunge
  • Hard Rock
  • Indie
  • Industrial
  • Metal
  • Old School
  • Rock
  • Soft Rock
  • Soundtrack

Recording Setup

Old stuff

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