Portfolio of Published Works

Holiday Headache
Creature Feature
Zachary the Zombie
White Hot _Cold Blue
Thunder Bum
This Christmas Eve
He's On His Way
Casually Undone
Stay Away
Dark Matter
I Am The EG Man

KevinHartnell's Song Credits


  • Arrangement
  • Drums (acoustic)
  • Electric Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Melody Writer
  • Mixing
  • Music Composition
  • Percussion
  • Production
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Vocals (male)


My time is spent scoring audio dramas/podcasts, playing drums, and raising two children. I'll let you guess which one takes up most of my time.

Favorite Genres

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • Goth
  • Indie
  • Industrial
  • Instrumental
  • Metal
  • Original Score
  • Rock
  • Soft Rock
  • Soundtrack
  • World

Recording Setup

Drums, keys, pro tools, plugins, two ears, and a twisted imagination.

These tools used in conjunction with John Cleese's “...five factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative" are the majority of the foundation of my work.

1. Space (“You can’t become playful, and therefore creative, if you’re under your usual pressures.”)
2. Time (“It’s not enough to create space; you have to create your space for a specific period of time.”)
3. Time (“Giving your mind as long as possible to come up with something original, and learning to tolerate the discomfort of pondering time and indecision.")
4. Confidence (“Nothing will stop you being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake.”)
5. Humor (“The main evolutionary significance of humor is that it gets us from the closed mode to the open mode quicker than anything else.”)

If you haven't seen this lecture, I highly recommend it. It may change your life/thought processes/approach. It did for me.


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