Battle of the Bulge

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Started: Nov 6, 2020

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Description: This is intended to be a comedic song. Looking for any ideas/help/suggestions.

Project brief: Looking for any ideas/help/suggestions.

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Written by tpistilli

Battle of the Bulge (c) Tony Pistilli 2018 Intro: AA EE A E D E A Verse 1: A I’m twice the man I use to be I swear E But it’s not by getting stronger or wise D A Fast food and I are having an affair E D A And my gut’s become ginormous in size A I really should be eating more veggies A E Counting calories and watching my weight D A The problem is that food holds me hostage E D E And my hunger is as large as my waist Chorus: A Well I can’t touch my toes D And it hurts when I button my pants E My belt’s on the very last hole D A Tying shoes, an Olympic event A Diet is a four letter word D F#m The only thing I refuse to indulge E D I surrendered as a pris’ner of war E D A E—D--E D A In my battle of the bulge Verse 2: A A devil brought three boxes of donuts E To a meeting that I just could not miss D A The big one with the chocolate and peanuts E D A A temptation that I could not resist A Thank goodness for my boss who was clumsy A E And saved me from committing such sin D A As he dumped the whole container of coffee E D E Saturating all the goodies within Verse 3: (hold chords) A I'm breaking off the chains of delusion E Gotta fin'lly take control of my fate D A It's time I start avoiding excuses E D A And the food I always pile on my plate A God help me 'cause I need a solution A E don't wanna be the man that I am D A Determined I’ill fight for my freedom E D E So I'll never have to sing it again


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Lyrics: tpistilli

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