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This song contains explicit lyrics.


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Collaboration Phase This is a work in progress. Collaborators are busy busy!





Project Type: Public

Auditions: Private

Status: Open

Started: Aug 27, 2021

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Got it covered!




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Project Summary

Description: I'm looking for a vocalist for this track, but a long-term collaboration is desirable if we work together.

Project brief: Hello everyone! I am a beginner music project manager and create my own music project, involving musicians and vocalists. This project contains styles such as electro, techno, electroclash, pop and rock. Now I would like to record this track in English and purchase vocals from a native speaker. I would like to establish long-term cooperation on several tracks. if we work together ... Since now I am at the beginning of the journey, I cannot share copyright, I acquire exclusive copyright for myself. Thanks.

For audio file uploads, please use: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz


I survived the atomic war survived you too and it looks like I still have a lot to live through survived you too I didn't choose you zombified zombified dont cry I,I,I,I zombified I,I,I,I zombified no one has ever crashed against the sky against the sky I,I,I,I zombified I survived the atomic war survived you too and it looks like I still have a lot to live through (to live through) it looks like I'll get you from kingdom come (it looks like I'll get you from) (kingdom come) оооооооооооооо that's all oooooooooooooo that's all


Project Kudos

TheSasha says.. how much will your work cost? Thanks.

Posted on Nov 18, 2021

TheSasha says.. Hi, can you do the mastering and mixing? Minus and vocals are already ready. How can we contact and

Posted on Nov 18, 2021

gvangelista says.. I can help with mastering when the song will be finished! :D

Posted on Nov 17, 2021


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