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Status: Open

Started: Sep 9, 2021

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Description: Looking for some verses and maybe a bridge

Project brief: I've always been primarily Southern Rock, but dipping my toe into a little contemporary County. I have the idea and a chorus (open to input on that though). But, nothing else at this point. The overall idea is down the road when love fades out, just going through the motions in a relationship, unhappy, and longing to go back when there was a spark and you truly loved each other. Chorus sounds kind of "sweet" but overall the idea is a bit depressing, being stuck in a loveless relationship.

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Project Kudos

tomsmylez says.. Loving it ! Keep it going ! *cheers*

Posted on Apr 5, 2022

EvenKern says.. Wow! Great voice! Great song!

Posted on Dec 3, 2021

sheminor99 says.. Love your vox!!!

Posted on Oct 14, 2021

musicbyJTL says.. I like this and your voice. Hear me here.

Posted on Oct 12, 2021

rockopaolo says.. Sounds like a decent beginning. We can work to make the lyrics loveless

Posted on Sep 11, 2021

DrewRoss says.. Very Nice! Sounds like you might have a hit on your hands here! ;-)

Posted on Sep 9, 2021


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