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Project Type: Public

Auditions: Private

Status: Open

Started: Oct 9, 2021

Talent Needed

Anything & Everything





Electric Bass

Drums (acoustic)

Drum Programming





Any type of music







Project Summary

Description: This is very basic, it can be changed. Lyrics, vocals & all instruments welcome. This song is about peace. Making, keeping, encouraging peace. I'm open to any ideas & changes & would like to keep this friendly & welcoming to people of all levels of skills & experience & to keep it relatively quick & not worry about making it super polished. Thanks and have fun! :-) Peace!

Project brief: I just joined here and this is the 1st song I'll be involved in so this will serve as a learning/test for me although I do want it to work and sound good. I will upgrade if this works out well, I know it says for the free version that mp3's are the only file type for music that I can upload but I don't know if that means anyone with a paid account is limited to that and I will upgrade if this looks like it'll work, I want songs that speak of peace, rights and sustainability so this one is meant to focus on peace. It can be any type of sound and I am always willing to adjust to whatever way a song evolves but to start with I'll kick it off with drums and organ. This is open to anyone, vocals being at the top of the list. The structure of this song can be changed, I'm only tossing this out there as a start, let me know of any ideas please. I'm open to any and all suggestions on songs but just please note, I like music to be done relatively quickly and I am not, repeat not looking to make any "sounds like" music. Music I am involved in can obviously have similarities to something already out there but please don't join in and try to make a clone of songs out there already and please don't join in if you're focused on super polished songs competing in the loudness of the track. I want the music good but with the music focused more on performance, heart and intention than what some engineer or producer says is the way it HAS to be. I mean no offense to anyone at all when I say that, I just want it up front what I'm looking to do and I hope that comes across in a way that is not in any way looked at as disrespectful or negative. Just like with the song subject (Peace), let's be relaxed on this and have fun. So, I'll get a few tracks and a rough mix up here as soon as possible and then will open this up to anyone interested! Thanks. Peace, SteveMusic

For audio file uploads, please use: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz


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