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Project Type: Public

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Started: Aug 1, 2022

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Electric Bass





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Description: Very rough attempt at a bit of a 90s style dance song. I’m really struggling with timing and instrumentals. I’m still working on lyrics and vocals and would love some help. Inspired from thinking about the inequalities in the world, how young ppl are preyed upon, how power dynamics lie to young people and it all made me think of the Hansel and Gretel story.

Project brief: Need help with the instrumentals, mixing/mastering…apologies that my timing is rubbish. I’m struggling so much with using the ipad screen to record keyboards/bass etc I’d like the song to sound bigger with the chorus ‘candy world, welcome in boys and girls…’ not sure how to achieve this. Any help or advise is much appreciated.

For audio file uploads, please use: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz


CANDY WORLD (witch house world) You’re not getting out You’re not getting by all your lights inside turned strawberry bright Now you’re down there Love Is the oven on? Well You could be one hot witch If you climbed inside for fun Sugar does such tricks For fun But when her day is done She’s still hurting over time They tell you what you like You’ll fall just like a star without the light I’m not saying it’s wrong or right But it’s not always so sweet in the candy world at night Lalala etc Some things taste best from a paper bag Held out to you Something tasty in a paper bag Moving Spasming Get in Give in and once they begin You’ll beg for it to end Cos Sugar its funny world Cos you like things And this buys things Now you’re thinking Have I the appetite? Well, have you the appetite? Have you the appetite yet, love? They love hopeful eyes Cos when your hope all dies They know they broke into your mind But if it’s raining cake sprinkles out there tonight Go find out who takes the bites. It’s candy world, how you gonna make it to daylight? You laughed at their jaded appetites Laughter at the jaded appetites, But who’s got the jaded appetite now? She’s got a jaded appetite And he’s got a jaded appetite And you got the jaded appetite, now. It’s candy world Candy world welcome in Boys and girls What they want is your new normal They like your toothsome soul So Sugar smile, sugar smile And you won’t get angry all the while just keep it fun, keep it fun size While they eat the young Just for fun In candy world They don’t come in to let you out They don’t come in to let you out They don’t come in to let you out You know you got to shout it out Tell them to eat it Eat their hearts right out Who’s got the jaded appetite? And now you’re Always prepared A wrist with a band on it Always prepared a wrist And his hand on it Always prepared Your hide and his brand on it Always prepared Your face and his plans for it Always prepared Here comes another one Here comes another one Witch house world (to fade)


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morgan102 says.. Kool

Posted at 7.41 pm

Kawakeman says.. Thanks for reaching out. I responded to your email - look forward to collaborating! All the best.

Posted on Aug 4, 2022

MusiciansEdge says.. I sent you an email re: my suggestions for the track

Posted on Aug 3, 2022

MusiciansEdge says.. Great Track!!!

Posted on Aug 3, 2022

Kawakeman says.. Will upload individual tracks at the weekend

Posted on Aug 1, 2022

E Major
111 bpm


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