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Started: Sep 18, 2022

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Description: Bluesy song. Amy Winehouse was my inspiration for the lyrics and the universal theme of going through a tough time when young and not getting much sympathy. Down in your cups’ in tarot means down on your luck or colloquial for meaning…well, you know. Hanged man standing up is a warning against needless sacrifice for love.

Project brief: Just a song sketch, lyrics provide reference for song structure and new and improved lyrics to what I recorded. I’m open to other people’s music interpretation of the song production, maybe build it up more? Personally, I like the pared down Motown style and chords as are but it’s in need of a tidy. I think it works without a bass guitar, interested to know what others think. I want the paper turning sound at the start to stay, I’d just written a question to myself ‘what would Amy write for this tune?‘ and the song just came out of nowhere. Song requires: Producers: Mastering/mixing needed. Especially need a time fix and some spaces to let the song breathe. Pianist: Jazzy piano bits here and there. I’ve had a go and it sounds awful, I’ve added it to give a rough idea. Lyricists: any better ideas for the line ‘I blame those who boo’d then mourned your hearse’ I think this is too on the nose. I’d like something that’s more universal about how people are hypocrites, esp regarding mocking mental illness. Any other lyric tips much appreciated. many thanks!

For audio file uploads, please use: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz


TAROT by K A Wakeman VERSE 1 How would Amy write this one down Black ink on her poor heart Young and beautiful She follows love’s sunbeam all the way down To a cavern and picks up her Knight’s staff She only wants to see all that he sees But then those demons devour her And that’s when the card lets her CHORUS Down on her cups Her Hanged Man won’t stand up And now she’s gone he’s reversed Blame those who boo then mourn a hearse VERSE 2 I remember that pain so well Even the nice boys It’s so beautiful To fall from love’s Tower All the way down to a cavern And that’s when you’ve seen… You know you’ve seen all that you want to see And if those demons devour you That’s when your cards say you’re CHORUS Down in your cups The Hanged Man won’t stand up And now she’s gone he’s reversed And those who boo’d applaud her hearse VERSE 3 Everyone saw it going down “Oh, what’s she done to herself” “See her, she’s The Fool” Who followed love’s shadow All the way down to a cavern Scryes through her last glass “Oh, she robbed us of all that she could be” And as her demons devour her They tell her “you’ve let yourself down” BRIDGE Down Down in your cups You’re down on your luck OUTTRO A woman who’s loved is always beautiful


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Kawakeman says.. Have to redo them, different lyrics. I can DM when they are ready, thanks

Posted on Nov 23, 2022

tomsmylez says.. just took the vocals demo but its the full track. do you have seperate vocals for composing tryouts?

Posted on Nov 22, 2022

tomsmylez says.. Interesting core. I'll give it a try on the vocals. Really curious.

Posted on Nov 22, 2022

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