City Of Arcades

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This song contains explicit lyrics.


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Started: Apr 7, 2023

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Rock Ballad






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Description: Theme – rock/ballad – / Manic Street Preachers style , “leaving my home town, and returning to Cardiff.”

Project brief: Includes is a instrumental demo track and some lyrics, I don't have a bridge exactly recorded, but instead have given the impression of a bridge in the recording. I am looking for a strong melody which fits both the arrangement and lyrics.

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Working Title : City of Arcades Theme – rock/ballad – / Manic Street Preachers style , “leaving and returning to Cardiff.” Arrangement Verse 1 G D At seventeen I left my hometown Am C Lived life fast, and full of dreams G D I thought the world owed me a living Am C I would return a different me Chorus D C I release now, What Ive been missing G Am C From the City of Arcades G My hometown Girl…….(into guitar fill) Guitar Fill. G D Am C Verse 2 I miss the docks, I miss the Island The alley ways, the old arcades Last orders at The Tavern The empty bottle serenades Chorus I release now, What ive been missing From the City of Arcades My hometown Girl Bridge Am F And though the road is hard and long C G I'll keep on singing, keep on playing my part For the spirit of this town lives on In every chord and every song Verse 3 Thirty years on, I'm still on the run But I know I'll never forget where I'm from The sound of laughter, the scent of the sea My hometown, forever a part of me Outro My hometown girl, always in my heart My hometown girl, we'll never be apart


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