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Define You

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Track Title: Define You
Description: Bpm: 105 Key: A-Sharp major
Mood: Fun, Soothing, Vibey
Genre: Dance, DJ Snake Style, Pop, Trap
  • A# Major
  • 105 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Aug 31, 2018
Song Administration: Beahr
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneDefine You

There’s one nice thing that’s constant in this crazy world It’s not death or taxes; it’s the simple fact That no matter where you go and no matter who you are No one can take away your soul; they can’t control who you are ‘Cause it’s all up to you to decide what you want to be like If there’s one thing that can’t be taken, it’s that essential choice Sometimes it feels like it’s you against the universe Sometimes it feels like you’re living a life that’s been cursed Sometimes you get a little angry and you get a little scared But that’s all right ‘cause these feelings just show that you care When the cards are on the table and your hand is all black Don’t panic; just sit back and relax Because no matter what happens, you’re in charge Adjust your sails to the wind and follow your heart You can’t grow flowers without a little rain So come with me and dance your troubles away When life gets tough, you gotta ride the wave Just keep going; don’t stop; push through it; be brave

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