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I Don't Like Halloween

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Track Title: I Don't Like Halloween
Description: 94bpm. Created for 2018 Halloween song Challange
Mood: Melancholy, Quirky
Genre: Holiday, Soundtrack
Originally Published: Sep 24, 2018
Song Administration: AhmedGuem
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneI Don't Like Halloween

I DON'T LIKE HALLOWEEN I don't Like Halloween I don't go trick or treating so what's in it for me? It's just a scary, spooky day That it makes me want to run away It makes me want to run away But I suppose, dressing up in funny clothes could be a little fun to scare your friends Maybe I see a side I didn't see before It's not all spooky, But I don't like Halloween especially, when there's not enough candy I don't like Halloween When I get rocks and burnt biscuits I don't like Halloween 94 bpm Lyrics by Music Envelope (also known as Britt Britt)



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