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Track Title: Cry
Description: My inspiration for this son is a couple that had been together for a while. He feel in love with someone else but don't admit it and her struggle and pain.
Mood: Bitter, Intense, Melancholy, Sentimental
Genre: Country, Indie, Pop, R&B, Soul
Originally Published: Nov 10, 2018
Song Administration: Vanmathilua
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


Cry Cry, cry, cry... All I can do is cry. Watching the story of us Pass by. Your body still here But you already left. And words feel so cold. It's hurts me Seeing you try so hard. Chorus And all I can do is Cry.... cry Thinking of you And you thinking Of the moonlight. Cry, cry, cry I wish you say You love me But it would be a lie And I just cry... 2 All the memories Don't matter anymore. So, let's stop the torture. If you want to go just go. If there's no way to fix this I don't want to keep trying, I don't. Chorus So all I can do is cry.... cry Thinking of you And you thinking Of the Moonlight. Cry, cry, cry I want you so much But I don't have Strength left to fight.

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