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It's Not What It Seems

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Track Title: It's Not What It Seems
Description: Track 3 from the Ep Thracian Sunrise-by Tashev Tree. Celebrate our differences and find the common ground we all share, it's what makes the world so fascinating to live in.
Mood: Eccentric, Optimistic, Political
Genre: Rock
Originally Published: May 11, 2020
Song Administration: GoodVibes
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MicrophoneIt's Not What It Seems

It's Not What It Seems-Lyrics GoodVibes Verse 1 Come one, come all, watch the truth begin to fall Loose lips sink ships or so they say So we better get ready to dive Verse 2 As he stands in the ring with his sermon to sing Lock her up is what they cry For she is evil, he is good, he could shoot them all with just one lie. Chorus 1 No it's not what it seems I'm telling you it's not what it seems All his crazy lies are beginning to unwind His distractions of mind are purely designed to grab your attention Rap Yo Don, what's up my man, how's it hangin', who you playin' Verse 3 He's not draining the swamp, his just filling it up. Excuse me! There's some nasty women in the room, Throw them out before they bleed on the carpet. Verse 4 We've got Red hats and flags for sale, You can even sell your soul if you want to. Lock her up is what they cry, before the witch hunt shuts us down for good. Chorus 2 No it's not what it seems Yes he's as crazy old fiend Watch out girls before he grabs you on the you know what They let you do that know, when you're a star you can really go low If you think that's bad, wait till you see what I've got up my sleeve. Outro Don't ever let your partisan view cloud the matter It's time to see another way Don't let the ground between you fall apart Make the differences between you form your bond.

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