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Just Not Good Enough

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Track Title: Just Not Good Enough
Description: Will track bass if and when I get acoustic drums. This song (I just figured this out now) is the same chord progression as another one of mine. Oh well. It happens. What I hear in my mind, I could never achieve. I hear real choir voices and a Beatles ( I am the walrus) kind of ending and of course that 'Day in the Life" ending.
Mood: Cheerful, Detached, Epic, Menacing, Theatrical
Genre: Classical, Hard Rock
Originally Published: Jan 2, 2020
Song Administration: V1CTOR
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneJust Not Good Enough

Just Not Good Enough - threw these together if someone has time to sing. Don't know if I'll get to it or not Intro (0 – 26 sec) :03 Faraway good times… with my friends :10 drinking in the woods outside of town :16 In the park, on a Christmas dark, reminded me of :21 the day :28when … Post Intro (30 -57 sec) :30 Falling, falling, sink my failing angels :41 on a summer night, put out their lights :48 Ending all they know, :56 Let it snow 1:04 Dancing in the whirl wind …. their ghosts, they’re dancing in the wind 1:16 Dancing in the cold, winter snow, free riding on the wind 1:28 Souls on the wing for the yuletide Verse 1:34 Krampus wants to kill me, doesn’t really thrill me 1:40 but there’s no pain ……if you can’t feel a thing 1:47 I know you won’t believe me, somehow, he lives within me 1:53 We are one, one in the same 2:00 Guilt rap ridden skullcap, packaged, bowed and gift wrapped, 2:06 3 for one, now it’s time to pay 2:13 Sucked into the vortex, feeling all the e-effects, 2:19 overdrawn, on a banking holiday 2:25 Take the ride, 2:28 Take the ride 2:31 Eat that cyanide 2:41 Lead Guitar can start here. Might dump this little lyric - Good, you’re good, so good, yeah good, just not good enough

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