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Steel & Glass

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Track Title: Steel & Glass
Description: First song for the new album I'm working on . This is a longer mid tempo ballad
Mood: Atmospheric, Dark, Ethereal, Sensual, Yearning
Genre: Goth, Hard Rock, Rock
  • Ab Minor
  • 90 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: May 12, 2020
Song Administration: SandmanNK
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneSteel & Glass

#1 In the darkest night In the distant past Take your promise Pretend it will last Listen and you’ll hear the whispered token of truth But what's the use? The light of the day The sun in our eyes Our thoughts astray But we say we will try Hide your intent, while finding your empathy To disguise what I see Pre-chorus Push it all aside Lay the blame on me We’ll go to the shelter we need Chorus So follow me through times abyss Shower me once more in bliss Love me again in an endless night Steel and glass in the pale moonlight What cannot be is forever more I never asked you to fight my war All we have is now…. This kiss…. #2 Broken disdain Emptiness gone Apathy waits While you stumble along Ask the questions as blame becomes your vice And nothing suffice Your eyes deceive Your lies fully And you deny So end this please Listen and you’ll hear the whispered token of truth And what's the use? Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus



CopyrightSound Recording

Owner NameWebsite

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
RAVENBacking Vocals
Jason PeterKeyboards/Synthhttp://Https://
Jason PeterPianohttp://Https://

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