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A silly love song

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Track Title: A silly love song
Description: My first project here. The "silly" comes from the fact that the way love is described in this song is a bit over the top, a bit silly.
Mood: Romantic, Sweet
Genre: Soft Rock
Originally Published: Oct 21, 2020
Song Administration: soitjes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneA silly love song

It sounds so foolish to say But that's the way it is anyway I don't mind to say it Because it feels so good And you happen to know that it's true I love you I know it sounds a little smooth This little song but it's the truth You look at me And I look at you We both know that it's true I love you Now every time I feel a little blue It's good to know That you love me too So here I am Next to you Hoping you can see that it's true I love you All I can do is sing this song Knowing at the end you might be gone Whatever it will be You'll take care of me And I'll take care of you too I love you

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Walter Longscott

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