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My Love

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Track Title: My Love
Description: A year in the making, written in 5 minutes but life and it's ever winding journey got in the way. A dedication to the one that fills my life with light, enthusiasm and laughter, so good to be by your side.
Mood: Intimate, Romantic, Sentimental
Genre: Acoustic
Originally Published: Aug 25, 2015
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneMy Love

Verse 1 I knew that I loved you and that glorious smile From that moment I saw you I wished I could find The words to adorn you in kisses so fine Cause my love I adore you so much I can't lie Chorus 1 Whenever I miss you Too much I do cry If only to kiss you Forever will I my love Verse 2 When time has no issue the candle burns bright For love aint no tissue to tear or to cry Does he really see you or is it sadness he finds In the bottle he sees truth a shame it's a lie Chorus 2 Whether he'd miss you Is all up to find In a drawer lies a tissue To wipe tears from his mind my love Break Verse 3 I walk behind you my princess where the view is divine Cause to me you're so perfect you're all to my eye I'd buy flowers and kiss you each day you arrive Please come home on the next wind cross the ocean you fly Chorus 3 Cause it's me who does miss you All my thoughts can't deny Forever I'll kiss you Because only you Are on my mind My Love



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