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Ina's Sunrise

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Track Title: Ina's Sunrise
Description: Track 2 from the Ep Thracian Sunrise-by Tashev Tree. Have you ever connected with a young lady only to discover she is not available. Timing is everything but nothing can diminish her sunrise for it is my gift to her that she can only keep.
Mood: Passionate, Provocative, Romantic
Genre: Rock
Originally Published: May 11, 2020
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneIna's Sunrise

Verse 1 I bet I'm not the only man you ever knew Whoever spread your wings and led you to the truth Before the sun comes up I'm gonna show you who I am I'm the lord of my horizon, your love is my command Before you know what, before we walk too far Don't break my heart and crash me on the rocks For I'm a gentle soul, when it comes to you If I could take your smile, and dip into the blue Chorus 1 Ooh don't let the sun dissolve your lips It won't retain that little trace Of your love Oh Ina don't let the sun Verse 2 I bet I'm not the only man who fell for you I wish I had the words to sail into the blue Now if the sun comes up, I'll have to play another hand I guess the Queen of Hearts dropped the Joker in the sand Did I just hear you right? Is there another man My heart just fell, can you see me on the rocks And you know what? I tell you what you are Another dangerous smile, before the sun comes up Chorus 2 Ooh don't let the sun take you far away The first trace of its rays will have their way With your love Oh Ina don't let the sun take you away The sun begins to paint upon the waves And your love Floats upon the sunlight's rays Outro Ooh Ina I must let you fade away Cause your love Can't cradle my existence like a slave

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