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Midnight Love

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Track Title: Midnight Love
Description: Bluesy hard-rock, reminiscent of Whitesnake, Bad Company, Robin Trower, etc.
Mood: Calm, Dark, Dreamy, Epic, Ethereal, Gutsy, Sensual, Sexy, Yearning
Genre: Blues, Hard Rock
  • F# Minor
  • 62 bpm
Originally Published: Sep 14, 2020
Song Administration: SandmanNK
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneMidnight Love

#1 You are the summertime rain That soothes the burning ember embrace Twilight grace I don’t even know your name Your velvet razor touch Is salvation that I clutch Your childlike luck, hemlock struck You come alive at dusk Pre-Chorus And I don’t know your game Got to have you just the same When your siren song, leads me right into wrong Consigns me to the flame Chorus Midnight love so lost in you Lift me up, set me free Take me to eternity Midnight love so lost in you Your pact is satisfied So I am sanctified #2 Your gaze beguiling, as your smiling I am blinded fully In my dreams, the yearning screams You’re purity to me Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat chorus x2



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Jason PeterKeyboards/Synthhttp://Https://
Jason PeterPianohttp://Https://

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