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Track Title: Divine
Description: Is it love or heroin, or both?
Mood: Cold, Dark, Detached, Ethereal, Gutsy, Melancholy
Genre: Goth, Hard Rock, Rock
  • Eb Minor
  • 128 bpm
Originally Published: Oct 24, 2020
Song Administration: Jasonpeter
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


#1 Watching, hoping, waiting For the night to see me through Bliss returns from mourning When I awake with you Electric touch you cover me You control my body, soul and mind Bound to do your bidding You’re a master of the evil kind But I know the joy is coming In the dreams that you are haunting You creep into a dazzled mind You’re the drug that I'm still wanting Pre-Chorus And it’s not living But I’m still trying And I'm sure I'm surely dying #2 Scorch a frozen heart again Purge me of this misery And you can bet I can't forget The fever chill you bring to me And if I am discarded I'll await the sweetest sting The needle is my witness Then the joy you always bring Pre-Chorus And it’s not living But I’m still trying And I'm sure I'm surely dying Chorus Divine (divine) You’re so fine Caress a yearning silent mind Divine (divine) You’re so fine Euphoric heart of your design Bridge Send me to the stars so high Together we can melt the sky Nothing left to hold us back Igniting the voided night so black Chorus Repeat

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Jason PeterKeyboards/Synthhttp://Https://

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