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I Miss You

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Track Title: I Miss You
Description: We all have times in our lives where we are confronted with events that have a huge impact on us.
Mood: Reflective
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Originally Published: Dec 9, 2020
Song Administration: Vuya
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneI Miss You

I miss you Long ago You helped me grow I laughed away the careless days of my youth While you guided me on every path I took So far away From what you face today I see you staring vacantly, you're just not the same I’ll sit here patiently, to see your smile again And I miss you I miss you Do you know Where you go Sometimes you’re so far away, I’m not getting through Sitting here patiently is all that I can do I need to know The places you go You take the boat and head out in the rain Navigate those stormy seas till you return again And I miss you I miss you At last I’ve seen Where you’ve been Walk down the line and hop aboard the train Live your life in Neverland and you won’t feel the pain Now that I know Just where you go Let’s take the boat and we’ll hop aboard the train We’ll live our lives in Neverland and there will be no pain And I miss you I miss you



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