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Moment (EvenKern Remix)

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Track Title: Moment (EvenKern Remix)
Description: Remix done by EvenKern
Mood: Bright, Light, Mellow, Nostalgic
Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Originally Published: Aug 16, 2021
Song Administration: Lemonhead
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneMoment (EvenKern Remix)

Vs. 1 Some days are long But times still rushing to an end No slowing down for me I fight to love each moment change is bearing down I’m holding tight to you PC I keep this moment with me So when I lose you to time I’ll see this moment through closed eyes living days when you’re still mine C In this moment’s forever I’ll hold you til you go This moment you’re only mine we know it won’t last foever we live on borrowed time soon I will watch you fly Vs. 2 Your smile’s a spark of joy a ray of holy light a sign of all that’s good Your heart is oceans deep a power in this world nothing will keep you down/I won’t keep down


Even KernComposer

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