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Track Title: Scars
Description: A tale of a lonely, sad woman who desperately wants to feel love and adoration, so she goes to desperate lengths to try and find it. Based on a true story.
Mood: Angry, Bitter, Dark, Longing, Provocative, Searching, Sexual
Genre: Rock
  • D Major
  • 160 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Feb 9, 2022
Song Administration: CrazyT
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


Verse 1 She lays her stockings on the bed Paints her fingernails blood red She knows just how to please Shes a dirty little tease Verse 2 And every curve is on display Satisfaction guaranteed A play thing from the start And the pain grows in her heart Pre-Chorus: The scars – the scars Why's finding love so hard The scars – the scars All across her heart Chorus: All she wants to be – is someone's everything The loneliness can – cut you like a knife Oh, the rejection If they could only see – beyond their fantasies They'll see she's– not just candy for the eyes If they could see her scars Verse 3 It's no way to meet a man But she's takin' what she can Yeah, love is all she needs But a broken heart must bleed Verse 4 A blunt can't hide her shame But tomorrow will be the same She's had enough of it And she swears she's gonna quit Pre-Chorus: The scars – the scars The pain's the hardest part The scars – the scars All across her heart Repeat Chorus to fade * End.


Shea TannerAuthor
Shea TannerComposer

CopyrightSound Recording

Owner NameWebsite
Shea Tanner

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
Shea TannerVocals

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