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Christmas Challenge Collaboration

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Track Title: Christmas Challenge Collaboration
Description: Christmassy tune which contains the topics: Snow Angels & Snow Flakes on my Window. Incorporating elements which capture the spirit of Christmas, this singalong track is upbeat and suitable for the whole family.
Mood: Atmospheric, Bright, Carefree, Dreamy, Ethereal, F
Genre: Dance, Holiday, Inspirational, Motown, Pop, Singer
  • A Minor
  • 120 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Dec 22, 2021
Song Administration: Estie
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneChristmas Challenge Collaboration

Snowflakes on My Window Verse 1 Like sprinkling icing sugar, Each snowflake, unique, Landing on rooftops and windows White and fluffy, swirling at our feet, Making hills look like marshmallows Chorus 1 Snowflakes on my window, will Santa call And leave gifts under our tree? I've been very good this year, Doing what I should this year, Santa won't you stop by here for me? Santa won't you stop by here for me? Bridge / Mid 8 At Christmas, a warm welcome, everyone At Christmas, sharing love all around, This Christmas, this Christmas, at Christmas! Verse 2 We make snow angels In the sparkling snow, Glowing, we come in from the cold Hot chocolate makes our cheeks rose, Our tree really is a sight to behold! Chorus 2/ Ad Libs Snowflakes on the roof tops  Snowflakes on the street Santa will you come and visit me? Snowflakes on my window, Snowflakes on the trees Santa leave my present(s) there for me Chorus 1 x2 to fade

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