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Hearts On The Ground

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Track Title: Hearts On The Ground
Description: Song sketch; Dark break up song with 70s Ipcress files/detective show vibe. Needs work, starts slow but after the first chorus I feel it starts to come alive and get’s a lot better towards the end. Still working on lyrics, will be re-recording when my seasonal allergies clear up! Trying to write 10 songs with a gothic element in each one.
Mood: Angry, Atmospheric, Bittersweet, Brooding, Calm, Dark, Detached, Dreamy, Lively, Ominous, Sarcastic, Strange
Genre: Alternative, Contemporary, Easy Listening, Indie, Inspirational, Singer/Songwriter
  • G Major
  • 64 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Jun 1, 2024
Song Administration: Kawakeman
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneHearts On The Ground

I know a man, one rule he keeps in place And i ran to meet him on that hill With a big smile on my face (Whistling) I was looking in the eyes of a fool like me Buried in the pages of your history Seems i stumbled on unholy lands He was a little boy lost, little incel plans Played those playground games Then vanquish like a Cheyenne One blade goes in one heart comes out I guess you’ll Never come around Until all the hearts are on the ground Once we’re conquored Little lost boy Cheyenne Goes crowing he’s broken hearts all over town Ah ohh, ah ooh Ah aaah ( layered with whistling?) Funny games You must admit you brought me to this battle All’s fair in love and i got no remorse And I can tremble like a baby snake with a brand new rattle It’s a love match when wounds match And you said you’d been hurt and you’d been held down In seas of love; nearly drowned Why try to heal when you can rebound Vengeance. He loves with a vengeance But i love without penance No romance without sentience More love, new love was just your vengeance New love is like vengeance And i love without sentience Romance with no penance I move on but I never see you sifting through this wreckage I only see your ghost drift through the damage You make of lives while I’m still hunting for the hearts (on the ground) It takes no skill An easy kill Left my heart high on that hill Where never hill could ever be found Till people started leaving hearts on the ground You never came around Once my heart was on the ground I was conquered By little lost boy Cheyenne But now he’s crying his whole heart out on the ground On the ground Oh i never thought you’d leave my heart On the ground Oh i never thought you’d leave my heart On the ground And we’re meat or we’re monsters And we’re meat or we’re monsters In love you’ll meet all your monsters Whose heart’s on the ground?


K A WakemanAuthor
K A WakemanComposer

CopyrightSound Recording

Owner NameWebsite
K A Wakeman

Performance, Production, Writing, and Other Credits

Artist NameCreditWebsite
K A WakemanVocals
K A WakemanProducer
K A WakemanLyrics

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