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Track Title: Shuga
Description: Femme fatalle-Soft and alluring but deadlier than anything on earth.
Mood: Aggressive, Rebellious
Genre: Rock
Originally Published: May 20, 2023
Song Administration: GoodVibes
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.


Verse 1 I don't know where I'm going More or less I know where I've been With you there's no answer It's the question that never reveals So why do I love to Loose myself in your devilish wiles Cause I know that I love to Fall over whenever you're 'round Chorus 1 You got Shuga, you know what I mean You have Shuga ,you're the devil to me I want Shuga, cause I love it when you roar Verse 2 So let's guess for the answer I can't formulate from nothing at all Cause with you there's no question It's the answer that never resolves So why do I hate to Find myself in your devilish mind Cause I know I hate to Stand up whenever you're 'round Chorus 2 You got Shuga, you know what I mean You have Shuga ,you're the devil to me I want Shuga, rough and dirty and mean Give me Shuga, let me go till I bleed Leave me Shuga, I want more than I need You're my Shuga, I'm addicted to thee I want Shuga, cause I can't take it anymore Verse 3 So I really have to Take a guess what you've got on your mind Cause you know that I can't choose Between you and what's your mind Chorus Outro You got Shuga, you know what I mean You're my Shuga , like molasses to me I love Shuga, even though she hates me She's just Shuga, sweet and dirty and mean for sure



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