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True Magic

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Track Title: True Magic
Description: A slow country ballad with just the piano.
Mood: Dreamy, Gentle, Laid-Back, Light
Genre: Country, Piano Ballad
  • G Major
  • 87 bpm
  • 3/4
Originally Published: Nov 14, 2023
Song Administration: musaholicstudio
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneTrue Magic

They say magic can't be found In a world so filled with doubt But I'll tell you now Sometimes life unfolds its wonders Dreams taking flight In the darkest night A miracle to hold tight, hold tight A chance to rewrite With a brand new start Where fate plays its part A change of heart In the laughter of a child In a love that drives us wild In the moments that define The magic's real, it's not confined They say miracles are rare Hidden in the depths of air But I'm aware Sometimes signs light up the way, the way When we least expect it In magic, we're immersed In every breath we take There's magic, don't you see? They say magic's just a myth A fable we can't live with But I persist, insist In life's grand symphony Guiding us through night and day So let's believe in magic's grace In the beauty of this place Embrace each day For magic lives in every space Each day For magic lives in every space

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