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Lost At Sea

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Track Title: Lost At Sea
Description: Huge thanks to Thomas for creating this awesome piece of music & of course for allowing me to be a part of it. Special thanks to Jim Cavanaugh for the terrific mix.
Mood: Angry
Genre: Electronica, Experimental
Originally Published: Jan 29, 2016
Song Administration: RAVEN
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneLost At Sea

Pulled the plug on your alibi Now you’ve sunk and you wonder why Tables turned and you’re all alone How’s it feel on the other side? Hold tight and enjoy the ride Only gets much worse from here Took a chance and rolled the dice Now you’re fighting for your life Crashed hard when you lost the bet I thought you lived with no regret Lost lost Lost at sea Lost lost Lost at sea Bye bye baby



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