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Where the wind blows

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Track Title: Where the wind blows
Description: A song about growing old with your soul mate, reflecting on your love and life.
Mood: Reflective, Romantic, Sentimental
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • C Major
  • 63 bpm
  • 4/4
Originally Published: Jul 23, 2016
Song Administration: HootenAnnie
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneWhere the wind blows

Where the wind Blows Words and music by Wayne Petersen Standing by the side of the road Watching wheels go ‘round and ‘round Getting faster every day But traveling down life's highway There ain't no place to stay Drinking my coffee Watching crickets in the sand Remembering days of youth I ponder Watching those kids Playing games in their minds It makes me wonder CHORUS Won't you tell me where the wind blows Traveling on its way Won't you tell me where the wind blows Day by day Help me find my way All day long I watch the world go by Speeding on its merry way Traveling faster than the speed of light There goes another day CHORUS BRIDGE Take my hand and we'll go gazing at the stars Watch the wind blow through the trees Don't know where it's blowin to But come and travel with me please Chorus modified And we’ll find out where the wind blows As it's traveling on its way We’ll find out where the wind blows Day by day Help me find my way



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