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When The Sun Comes Around

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Track Title: When The Sun Comes Around
Description: I wrote this song just after watching Jeff Bridges in the movie Crazy Heart. It tells the story of the main character. It was my attempt at a 'country' number. I played all the parts (vocals, guitar, bass, clarinet & piano accordion) (drum are loops). I liked the sort of sad character of the clarinet/accordion together.
Mood: Bittersweet, Bright, Earthy, Gentle, Hypnotic, Intimate, Melancholy, Optimistic, Reflective
Genre: Americana, Country
Originally Published: Sep 3, 2016
Song Administration: songmanrob
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneWhen The Sun Comes Around

When The Sun Comes Around Verse 1 This body's broken on lies not spoken And the truths too cruel to hear This road's taken a turn for the worse What I see is too much for me Verse 2 This dream's been fading, night after night As the crowd turns from me My heart's aching, for the way it used to be The sweat, the noise, it made me free Chorus When the sun comes around again When the sun comes around I'll be alive again Verse 3 You were someone, good and true You thought you could heal me But one too many times, I let you down I saw that look in your eyes Verse 4 Now I'm here to say, let me tell you now You helped me to be free, yeah And with or without you now I can live without the dream Yeah, I am free Repeat chorus Bridgit Oooooh's Repeat chorus Outro When the sun comes around (repeat) When that good old sun comes around When the sun comes around (repeat) I'll be alive ... again



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