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Forgive & Forget

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Track Title: Forgive & Forget
Description: Hi everyone! Mudflappus has included the instrumental for this, so we are opening it up for new vocals. It can be just a female vocalist, or it can be a duet with a guy & a girl that sound good together. You will figure out the guy & girl parts (hint: the second verse mentions the word queen, & will be sung by the girl :)
Mood: conciliatory
Genre: Blues, Contemporary, Jazz
Originally Published: Jun 26, 2017
Song Administration: Mudflappus
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneForgive & Forget

Here we go again meeting on these stupid stairs Still exchanging those stupid glares Two little words, you'd easily forgive me "I'm sorry." All you ever wanted was to be my king You gladly would've taken me as your queen You should know by now I'm way too mean To let you know I care So we meet again on this same stupid stair We exchange the same stupid glare I could easily forgive, too With three little words "I love you." Can we please forgive & forget I don't want any regrets Will you forgive me Let's live this life together & make some beautiful memories Can we meet somewhere else I'll forget about myself I'll think only of you We can meet somewhere else You'll forget about yourself Cause you'll be thinking of me, too



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