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In my never-ending quest for the best of that is cost effective, check this out for finding inexpensive small condenser mic.

Let me know if there is any trouble with the link.
: - )
#1359 Posted Sun 20 Mar, 2016 6:24 pm
Here's a deal I think is pretty good:

IK Multimedia is selling a line of midi keyboards [starting at $60] that come BUNDLED with software that brings the package value up to $500:
Scroll down a bit to the keyboard bundles:

The keyboards are bundled with:

1) SampleTank 3 SE, that includes an expandable 6.5 GB sample library that includes instruments in categories that cover everything from acoustic to electronic and beyond. This program can be later upgraded to Sample Tank 3 for a reduced upgrade price. Although the SE version is the light version of their more robust product, it is probably more than anyone might need.

It is also an easy to use sample player compared to some others that get into advanced editing. But isn't that what one wants for quick songwriting/production?

You can hear the sound samples here: Click on "more info" on righto of each category: /index.php?pp=sampletank-3-se-sounds

The string and orchestra samples come from IK's Miroslav Philharmonik CE software that has incredible articulated sounds.

2) You get also get this sample pack: The Grid, a collection of cutting-edge electronic construction kit and drum kit sounds;

3) Plus 5 instrument collections of your choosing from the Beats and Elektronika electronic music series;

Again, to hear samples click Beats or Electronika and then click "more info' next to each product description.

For the 5 extra free packs, I would choose:
- Electronica Chill
- Deep House
- Indie
- Trance


5) You also get to pick any 1 other software product of equivalent of less value than your purchase price of the keyboard.

So the total value is $500 worth of product for, say, $60 or $79.

$79 keyboard;
6 sample paks @ $40 each = $240;
SampleTank 3 SE = $100;
$79 purchase price promo to buy any IK software of equal or lesser value;

I believe I stated everything correctly but check yourself to make sure before you buy. :)
#1765 Posted Tue 26 Jul, 2016 10:11 pm
And as I seek so shall I find.
Some fab freebies reviewed in Electronic Musician.

Bon apetite
#1778 Posted Thu 28 Jul, 2016 6:48 pm

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