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Hello there,
Over the past several weeks I have been in discussions with Raven, monkeycee and a few other members from Procollabs. The conversations centered around an idea I had about doing a podcast dedicated to the art of collaborations. This podcast will involve interviews with members who are starting, have started one or many collaborations and how the details big and small can effect the time and overall success of the project.
First up will be how to make audio file transfers more streamlined. Meaning that the files would always start at bar one and always line up with whatever, whoever adds to the project. This may or may not be a big thing, but it is a thing. I think it's a thing that we can all do better at and make the experience even more pleasurable for all.
What I would like to see, at first, suggestions, ideas even stories of how things worked very smoothly or not.

These podcasts will be audio/video interviews usually with more than one member. They will not run more than an hour, unless the topic of discussion expands. Depending upon how much interest there is in this format "podcasts", will determine how many more podcasts concerning other topics will follow. I would like to think that as "Mentor", I've done a few more of these and it's my job to help make them work better for all if possible.

So everyone put on your thinking caps, shoes, glasses lucky sock(s), whatever it takes to bring necessary information that helps.

Yes there will be some tutorials about putting the tracks together for the collabs and some tips for mixing, mastering also. These though will not be the main topics. Unless there is a demand. There are enough videos out there showing people how to tie their shoes with compressors or eq's, ( joking, well maybe not).

I look forward to many great ideas, insights and many volunteers to participate on many levels.
Even if you feel it's not a good idea, please tell me why you think that.

This isn't the whole project but it's a start. I am available always for anyone who wants to question me on this or anything else.

Let's take the site to the next level with live interaction using this platform as a jumping off point.

: - )
#1949 Posted Fri 07 Oct, 2016 9:35 am
Its a great idea the more I think about it.

And Im sorry again for sending you all those untimed files. haha

Another general discussion could be just talking about peoples creative processes perhaps.
It never hurts to hear how people work to get some gems about how you yourself can be better or more efficient with your creations.
I know its helped me develop very quickly being able to talk to certain people about how to do one thing or another
#1950 Posted Sat 08 Oct, 2016 8:25 pm
Certainly a great idea Tomic :)

I like the idea of making the audio file uploads more streamlined so everything lines up, I think it is a big thing as it would just make everything so much easier when you are managing a project. I think we all know the answer to it we just don't all do it, and I hold my hand up to that one as well.

I also like the idea of a conversation around creativity and inspiration.

I wonder if a "podcast" as a hang out space might be something to get a few people together and just chat around it. So, for example at 7pm (GMT) on Tuesday xxth there would be a general online chat around a certain topic. Maybe we even fire in some questions to you in advance and you facilitate the conversation?
#1951 Posted Sun 09 Oct, 2016 9:57 am
I really like what I am hearing. The general hangout idea is cool and I think it could work The podcast would also be a good way to promote the hangout and even report about it to those who weren't there. I want to thank yegtothworld and vuya for their input. Let's get a few more posts to see whose interested in these collaborative discussions about collaborations (man that's too many letters put together in too short a space).
This can only work with more people from the site getting involved. There are many benefits to having a high profile on the site and that can be done with participation.
#1955 Posted Fri 14 Oct, 2016 7:55 pm

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