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  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Lyrics
  • Melody Writer
  • Music Composition
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Vocals (male)


Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter, Lyricist with the ability to write in english, spanish and italian looking for fresh beats, something new... a game changer, innovation. so that i can write my words on 'em and my voice in order to find a new style to set my career as an artist with vanguard content
im a skilled blues/rock/funk/pop guitar player and I have a peculiar vocal timbre with dynamic abilities of style and range, with live performance skills forged with experience on stage.

played and performed on some of the hottest venues down in mexico city as in switzerland and Bolivia
now currently working with a good team well set up but still looking for fresh material to collaborate with artists who can produce fresh ideas and beats
in order to create new musical trends and so to take this music market by surprise.

my work ethic don't move without certain values as hard work, trust, fidelity to the project and to the people involved within, commitment and discipline.
so if you work with me I will give a 1000% to the project expecting the same in return in other words... quality.

lats but not least im very well connected with key people on the music biz.
but im not willing to get burned unless im sure we got the right product to open the door.

So if you're a music producer looking to break on through outside the bounderies and get to push your music to a new frontier please get in touch with me
asap and I promise and guarantee I will make it worth your while and safeguard all rights reserved to your artistic contribution. because thats fuckin' teamwork.

ps... keywords on beat styles im looking for my voice and lyrics... (and please remember is just a reference, originality is the real key)

1.- Tom Misch - Disco Yes ->
2.- The weekend feat Daft punk - I feel it comming ->
3.-Pumped Up Kicks Radiohead Mashup - Pomplamoose ->

Favorite Genres

  • Acoustic
  • Blues
  • Blues / Rock / House / R&B
  • Celtic
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Electronica
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Grunge
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Indie
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Motown
  • Nature
  • Old School
  • Orchestral
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • Salsa
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Soft Rock
  • Soul
  • Soundtrack
  • Spoken Word
  • Swing

Recording Setup

got a home studio with an audio producer who can place my voice on your beat
with sennheiser mics a top of the line rec software with a vast resource of FX's and mixing and mastering included

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