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Started: 10/Aug
Started: 12/Apr


  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Drum Programming
  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Lead Guitar
  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Synthesizer


Musician, Audio Engineer, Home Studio

I put a home studio together originally in 2003 and found another guitarist to collaborate with. This became what he called the Carpe Diem Band. I finished the recording of 46 songs with this band over the course of a few years. These songs are in addition to the currently 15 songs I have up in my solo work called "Audible Waters." The band work included two vocal albums and two instrumental ones found here: He does fingerstyle guitar and rhythm and I do lead and all the midi programming. I recorded everything in my studio and worked with the tracks and did the final mixdown. His style is Folk/Rock but I prefer Prog. Rock and Melodic Metal. I am looking to collaborate on future projects more in my preferred vein.

Favorite Genres

  • Blues
  • Grunge
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • New Age
  • Prog
  • Rock

Recording Setup

A Variax Standard coupled with a Helix LT which are both recent purchases. I also have a early 50's Gibson LG acoustic I like to use for lead and two 2002 Washburn electrics. I also own a Yamaha SO3 that I use for all of my keyboard programming. I own a few mics and a tube amp for recording acoustic instruments but plan on getting better ones. I have an old digital recording system from the late 90's with a digital mixer and software. I have used this recording equipment for all the completed songs that are up on YouTube. I am expecting to replace the software soon with something new. In the past I have always had someone to borrow a bass from but moved and currently have no one, so I am planning on buying one soon for my home projects. I am in a place where I can purchase anything I need in order to get any particular project completed.

Session Work

I am a day trader by day so I do not need any income from my night work. Working in my home studio with my gear and practicing guitar are hobbies. I am an amateur looking for others to collaborate with on songs in the genre that interests me most. I know how to get a mix right and how to create a melodic lead that fits with the rest of the song. I also do drum and keyboard programming but am not a full keyboardist. I started doing this in 2003. I will not be charging anyone for any contribution or expertise I give.

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