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Musician, Audio Engineer, Home Studio, Composer

Born in the mid 1960s to a music-teacher father, and have been exposed to a broad range of music since before I could talk.

I took an interest in electronics, which keeps me employed, but the real passion for electronics was always in music and gear.

I had a professional studio at one time but after a couple decades dormant I am now restoring that gear into my home studio.

I'm using a Mac with Studio One and currently 16 channels of converters going to a console for analog mixdown. The goal is to have 24 tracks mixdown.

In order to keep in practice with mixing skills, I make my own electronic music mostly for fun, but would like to expand musically through collaboration if anyone is interested.

I am also willing to do analog mixes if anyone wants to send projects or stems. Ideally I would like to trade mixing time for collaboration but initially I am willing to do mixes for free to get demos out there.

My time is mostly limited to weekends when time is available.

If anyone is interested in analog mixes please see the partial gear list

I've been building my own gear as well since the early 1980s.

I live in the Mid-Hudson region of New York.

I have connections to the pro audio gear business, and briefly had a 500 series optical compressor on the market (J-Lab JLA-3)

Most of my tunes on soundcloud are a few years old and mixed ITB. Only recently have I moved back to analog. It's mostly eclectic and soundtrack-like but I can venture into more conventional territory with collaboration.

Recording Setup

Mac Mini running Studio One plus the full Arturia VST package.
Apogee PSX-100 stereo converter
Apogee Ensemble 8-channel converter
MOTU 8-channel converter
Angela 28x24x2 console, 1984 vintage, 20 channels currently restored.
Lexicon 480L digital reverb/effects rack unit
Lexicon 200 digital reverb rack unit
1 channel of MicMix spring reverb
Yamaha REV100 digital reverb/effects rack unit
Lexicon LXP-1 and LXP-5 reverb/effects rack unit
Drawmer 2-channel gate
4 channels of vintage Focusrite ISA-110 modules (needs new pots but semi-usable)
Home-brew pair of Langevin AM-5116 tube mic pre clones, likely '60s vintage with UTC transformers
Home-brew passive 2-channel Pultec style EQ
AKG C34 stereo condenser mic
Neumann M149 condenser mic
Sennheiser MD421 MKII dynamic mic
AKG D224 dual element dynamic mic
Stellar stereo ribbon mic
Avantone twin-ribbon mic (mono)
Excelsior Americana accordion amplifier, 1968 vintage by Sano
TTSH ARP 2600 clone analog synthesizer
ARP Avatar 70s vintage orange-on-black analog synthesizer with MIDI interface
Roland MKS-50 Juno-style analog synth rack unit
Roland SE-02 analog synth module
Peavey dual clock stereo chorus pedal
MXR triggered bass envelope filter
TC Electronic Blood Moon phaser pedal
Fully-equipped electronics lab for design, build and repair of studio gear

I also have a Synclavier FM-only MIDI-equipped digital FM synth rack but it needs attention from a properly-equipped tech.

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