My Son

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Started: Dec 5, 2022

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Description: Mary gave birth to Jesus and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger (see Luke 2:7).

Project brief: Thank you Giorgio and Faith for helping me bring this song to life. I will treasure this forever.

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Written by Roo

Little dove from above Hear the angels singing Praising you tenderly For your boundless mercy Why was I chosen to be The mother of such royalty? How will you deliver us And free us from captivity? My Son My Son With your light, turn the night to day Show how there is a better way Precious child of divinity Thank you for blessing me My Son My Son I am here Beloved My Only Begotten Your selfless obedience I have not forgotten Only you can conquer death To bring them all eternal life No one else is pure enough To pay for sin with sacrifice My Son My Son Rescue those who have gone astray Show how love is the better way With your light, help the blind to see Bring them all safely home to me My Son My Son


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Project Kudos

Roo says.. Thank you, Giorgio. I hope you will join us by sharing your talents, but no pressure. :)

Posted on Mar 17, 2024

Jofi says.. Can't believe I discovered this piece of beauty after more than one year!!!

Posted on Mar 17, 2024

Roo says.. Thanks, V1C! Happy Holidays :)

Posted on Dec 7, 2022

V1CTOR says.. Great vocals guys. Beautiful song

Posted on Dec 7, 2022

Roo says.. Thanks, Morgan. Singing with my daughter meant a lot to me. You too, Merry Christmas!

Posted on Dec 7, 2022

morgan102 says.. Beautiful song man and your daughter adds a lovely blend.Merry Christmas to you and yours. Morgan

Posted on Dec 7, 2022

Roo says.. Happy Holidays, Steve. Thanks for listening!

Posted on Dec 6, 2022

Vuya says.. Sounds beautiful Ryan :-)

Posted on Dec 6, 2022

Roo says.. Thanks, Drew! :)

Posted on Dec 5, 2022

DrewRoss says.. Beautiful! Very nice, Ryan!

Posted on Dec 5, 2022



Piano: Jofi

Viola: Jofi

Violin: Jofi

Vocals: Roo

Vocals: FaithLucas


Cover Photography: The Christ Child

Mastering: Jofi

Mixing: Jofi


Arrangement: Jofi

Composition: Roo

Lyrics: Roo

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