It Blows me Away

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Started: Mar 21, 2023

Closed: Apr 13, 2023

Completed: Apr 14, 2023


Hard Rock





Project Summary

Description: This hard rock song is characterized by a medium tempo, driving guitar riffs, heavy drums, and a combination of Rhoades piano and meaningful vocals. The lyrics convey a powerful and emotional message, exploring themes such as struggle, perseverance, or the human condition. Overall, the song aims to capture the intensity and energy of hard rock while also conveying a deeper meaning.

Project brief: The song touches on the challenges of life and the importance of guidance to navigate through them. The lyrics mention obstacles, represented by landmines, and the fleeting nature of time. The singer seeks guidance and support to help them overcome these challenges. The overall tone of the song is introspective and contemplative, highlighting the universal human experience of facing difficulties and seeking direction.

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Written by V1CTOR

I need sunshine, sometimes, to show me the way But the landmines, they blow me away It Blows me away Blows me away It blows me away Blows me awayyyyy mmm...m It blows me away mmm...m It blows me away mmm...m It blows me away Moonlight, it's got a grip on me And the ocean, goes as far as I can see Time passes right through your hands, falling like sand Dropping one by one towards the end, then it's over Time passes right through your hands, falling like sand One by one towards the end, then it's over


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FuturaFalls says.. Fantastic Rock Fellar's! Just gettin' back on here, checkin' out w'sup

Posted on Jun 18, 2023

A Major
63 bpm



Bass: V1CTOR

Drums: KevinHartnell

Guitar: GoodVibes

Keyboards/Synth: GoodVibes

Vocals: V1CTOR


Cover Photography: V1CTOR

Mastering: GoodVibes

Mixing: GoodVibes

Mixing: KevinHartnell

Producer: GoodVibes

Producer: V1CTOR

Producer: KevinHartnell


Arrangement: V1CTOR

Composition: GoodVibes

Composition: V1CTOR

Composition: KevinHartnell

Lyrics: V1CTOR

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