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Escape Plan

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Track Title: Escape Plan
Description: Melodic track.
Mood: Atmospheric, Bitter, Dark, Energetic, Epic, Melancholy, Mellow
Genre: Hard Rock, Melodic death metal, Metal, Rock, Soft Rock
Originally Published: Mar 31, 2018
Song Administration: AliceMinguez
Licensing: For licensing or other information, contact the Song Administrator.

MicrophoneEscape Plan

Roadmap with ROUGH timestamps. Colors correspond to the different MELODY parts. A 0:00 B 0:23 A 0:48 B 1:12 C 1:37 B” 2:05 instrumental D 2:29 B” 2:50 instrumental + background “(Escape, escape)” starting at 3:00ish C 3:14 “ESCAPE PLAN” [A] Unfortunate past Always following you With the rage of its fiery soldiers Unfortunate past What you’ve been through Took a whole lot of nerve Unfortunate past Never leaves you Even though you grow older Unfortunate past What didn’t kill you You barely survived [B] Run away Gotta get out At any cost I gotta escape Find myself a rescuer But the unfortunate truth Ain’t a soul in the world That’s coming for me But I’m gonna be free ‘Cause I’ll make my own escape [REPEAT A] [REPEAT B] I am gonna free myself I can be my, my own escape plan I’ll be gone, escape this hell I can be my, my own escape plan I’ll break through; I don’t need you ‘Cause I am gonna be my escape plan Confident this time I’ll win ‘Cause I am gonna be my escape plan [INSTRUMENTAL] Watch me break out of this cage And run my way free of these chains My escape My escape plan You can’t touch me anymore My back is turned; I’m out the door I escape I’m escaping My triumphant victory Is leaving you in memory I’ve escaped I’ve escaped you Won’t look back, I’m yours no more My life is under my control now My escape My escape plan [INSTRUMENTAL + BACKGROUND VOCALS (with guitar that comes in around 3:00) AS FOLLOWS:] (Escape, escape) (Escape, escape) (Escape, escape)…[continue] …etc….. Fin’lly free from all that held me I am my own, my own escape plan Dance in my bright, crystal sunlight I am my own, my own escape plan No suffocation or frustration I am my own, my own escape plan No longer silenced, free to cry out I am my own, my own escape plan

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